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The Thorne Family has owned and operated golf courses since 1980 and is carrying on the dream.


Dan and Rosalie Thorne began the family's love for golf in 1980 when Dan's dream was realized and they opened the front nine at Thorne Hills Golf Course after the family worked as a team to clear the land and create the course.

The senior Daniel Thorne, building the back nine at Thorne Hills Golf CourseThorne Hills has been home to many golfers over the years.  With a friendly atmosphere, great staff, and beautiful course, Thorne Hills is home away from home to many.  "We appreciate the loyalty our customers have extended to us through the years." ~ Daniel Thorne II

Dan Thorne I takes a quick break while building the back nine at Thorne Hills Golf Course.

In April of 2008, Dan's sons, William and Daniel, managed to bring another of Dan's dreams to life when they agreed to purchase Wyndridge Oaks Golf Course (formerly the Lilac Brothers Golf Course, built by Sam and Alec Lilac).  Their father had originally made an offer on the course when the Lilac Brothers were selling it, but the offer was refused and Rosalie was against raising the offer. 

Daniel Thorne II works to remove dead ash trees at the Lilac Golf Course (formerly Wyndridge Oaks).
Today, the Thorne Brothers are working hard once again ~~~ just as they learned to do through building and maintaining Thorne Hills.  In honor of the original course owners, the course is now called Thorne Brothers at Lilac Golf Course and is seeing lots of changes.  "We have a lot to do here and it will take time, but we'll get it done." ~ William Thorne II

In March of 2011, the brothers, once again stepped up to the plate and agreed to manage Old Town Golf and Sportland.  It's been a crazy ride, learning about batting cages, full service driving ranges, birthday parties, and miniature golf course maintenance . . . but they've enjoyed the challenge and meeting some great new people.